More about the Soundroutes reading programme

Recent research and developments in reading teaching make it vital for Educational Psychologist's to have a comprehensive understanding of the principles and key concepts of synthetic phonics, in order to provide accurate assessments, consultation and advice.

The Soundroutes programme provides a highly effective and cost-effective stand alone self-training package for individual EPs or EP services.

• Soundroutes is a synthetic phonic fast-track to reading for learners aged 7-16

   years who require additional support with reading

• Written by educational psychologists with a long standing specialism in

   reading teaching and synthetic phonics

• Based on most up to date research and principles of effective reading


• Complements current reading teaching practice in schools

• From first session teaches skills in the context of real words and engaging


• Precise, efficient, fully scripted and clear programme provides a fast track

   from non-reading to reading proficiency

• In-built self-training enables teachers, learning support assistants or other

  suitable adults to deliver programme

• Already used in a range of local authorities including inner London


• Excellent user feedback, great success rate

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